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I am a self employed commission only sales rep. I have been in direct selling for 7 years working in a few different industries and markets. Being on the road as a sales rep is a challenging place to be at times, but your are rewarded with an above average income and you are effectively your own boss.

We can decide when we want to work and our salary is uncapped, so the better we become at our trade, the more we earn.

Sales training is a massive market and I have learned from some of the best in the business. This blog hopes to share some of those skills I have learned and tell the funny stories that always happen in a sales environment.

Here is my history and current sales position.

  1. My background career was in catering. 12 years grafting away as a chef sweating my nads off in a kitchen. I was depressed, the kitchen life was wearing me down. There had to be a better way.
  2. 2011 during one of my searches through the papers to find a new opportunity I find details about working in the solar industry. OTE £80,000 per annum. First of all I always wondered what OTE meant and now I know it is often a very misleading and unattainable figure that is advertised.In this case it wasn’t….
  3. At the same time I started as an independent Distributor for a network marketing company in the utilities market.
  4. Started my career working for a National Solar Installer and was blessed by a change in government policy meaning everybody was rushing to buy and we had the ultimate “close” in a deadline that had to met. I made more money in 3 weeks than I had in 6 months in my previous catering position and was hooked on the thrill of closing sales.
  5. In my first year of working in sales I doubled my previous catering salary in commissions. The second year I trebled it and in the third year I nearly 4Xed my pityful catering manager salary.
  6. 2016 changed industries and went into assistive technology sales. AKA mobility beds and adjustable chairs….Grey Market
  7. September 2016 got a new position working in the construction industry

My Current Role and Company

So my latest position is in the building trade and it is the most exciting proposition yet.


Well my commission structure means I can earn up to £5,000 for each sale!!!

Which of course has its benefits and its drawbacks.

But this firm have got dozens of people calling in each month. Mostly inbound generated from the website

They have come up with a first class website that really sets up the professionalism of the company.

So what am I selling?

Loft Conversions

This is a really nice product to sell, the process we follow is great. The project manger and surveyor go and measure up and get all the details and requirements from the potential customer. They discuss the materials needed for the build, what kind of a finish they would like etc etc. Then they will go back to the office and work out the price and draw up some plans for the construction of the loft conversion. Then its my job to book an appointment and go and pitch the

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