In this post my good friend Steve Wheat talks a little about his experience in the sales industry

In the 6 years that I have been working as a salesman, I have learnt that you only survive in this career if you are great at it. Being a commission only salesperson, I have to figure out how to close deals and make sales before others as my earnings entirely depend on it.

I left my job as a shop attendant to become a salesperson in 2011. This decision was driven by the idea of directly influencing how much I earn and planning my work schedule. I started off in an electronics firm, a field with fierce competition. My first few months were tough because I had no previous experience in sales. I read every sales book I lay my hands on, spend hours reading online content and attended professional development programs in a bid to improve my selling skills.

I analysed my daily experiences in the job and made adjustments in accordance to what I was always reading. My sales gradually increased and by the seventh month when I quit the electronics firm, I had tripled the money I was earning as an attendant.

When I left the electronics firm, I joined a cosmetic sales industry where I have been for the last 5 years. I deal in personal care and makeup products including fragrance, toiletry and grooming items. It dawned on me by the end of the first week here that I needed extensive knowledge in makeup application so as to be in a position to recommend products to potential customers and increase sales. I enrolled for an online course in beauty and in an year I was a fully trained skin care expert.

From my experience, being a good salesperson is not just about making sales but building the company as well. It is looking beyond making sales and focusing on customer satisfaction, following up on previous customers as well as giving advanced notice for sales.This has been my trick to making more sales. I have gained vast experience and am currently making $90,000 annually, a figure that started at $20,000 and have been rose over the years.

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