The Reasons Selling New Build Houses Works For Me

A photo of a home being constructed

I’ve been a salesperson for some time and during those years of graft and strife I have learned. The single most important thing, is the game is easier if you have absolute faith and belief in your product. Building a relationship with the client and emphasizing with their current situation goes a long way to making the sale. There are so many sales opportunities out there. You will never be out of a job in the sales industry. Simple fact…

Businesses need to sell!

Anyways, I like to sell in the building trade because:

– There are not many sales professionals in the building industry. This means the competition is limited to Builders and contractors who have no prior experience of selling – The product is always in demand, people love to buy houses and independently, individual homes seem to always be a sought after product in this country


  • The opportunity for creativity and development of the product is always there.
  • A self build home is one of the most important things a person will buy in their live so I am helping people succeed in their dreams
  • I get to meet new people everyday
  • The commission is high because it is a high ticket product, many thousands can be earned from 1 sale!

The company that I am working with at the moment in Falmouth is allowing me the freedom to choose my own hours, work from home and create my own ideas for the prospect. The team is great to work with so all in all its a very nice job to have.